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Yo! Few days ago, i went to the Music Bazaar of Tunnel, Istanbul. Actually, i never thought about i am going to buy a new guitar. When i entered the store,  i’m really shocked. There is a lot of guitar, and all of them is treasure.


Tunnel, Istanbul, what a cool place!

I went there because i would like try and browse guitar models, especially Epiphone Wildkat. Anyway, i ask can i try Wildkat, but they said they have Wildkat in other branches. Then, i tried another guitar, Epiphone Florentine.


Probucker’s Pickups by Epiphone

First, i stayed neutral because i still want try Wildkat, and i said it to shop assistant. So they made a call to other branch for transference. In this time i try other guitars like Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Limited Edition. But i can’t say i like it. Because florentine have better species than that, and i still thinking Wildkat. When Wildkat arrives, i shocked second time, but this time it was negative. Wildkat have shiny, fancy yellow lines over body, it seems very ugly. Then i finally give up from Wildkat. A confess : i still think about it. But i guess, i can like my new guitar Florentine than Wildkat. It has two pickups, two ƒ-holes, and coil-tapping with controls, and it means i can play with humbucker or single-coil mode, or i can hybrid two of them, cool! Florentine’s sound slays when we use with Delay, and Reverb pedals on Humbucker. It’s amazing, if u want play blues, you should try this effects. I am happy, but i think i don’t deserve too much, Wildkat is fine for me. But again, i am happy 🙂 Now i want new pedals, and sell my old electric guitar, i hope. If i’ll make an modification and if i can, i’ll add a Bigsby Old-School Vibrato arm. But it is toooo early. 😐

I record it with my mobile phone, of course not toast machine :p I hope our friendship takes a long drive. Farewell!


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